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Meter readings

Specialists in meter reading and fraud detection for electricity, water and gas companies.

EULEN provides specialized services for gas, water and electricity distributors consisting in collecting data from their measurement devices (meters) under a determined periodicity and reporting readings and incidents to their users.

The meters reading service provided by EULEN is carried out by a team of expert technicians that use their own work method. Our service guarantees a reliable and ongoing monitoring that helps to reduce the risk of charging for readings that were never done, mistakes, frauds and delays in the distribution of bills.

Your partner against errors, fraud and delays

Trust Grupo EULEN to read your meters and never worry about the reliability of the control service again. We minimise errors, delays and missed readings.

At EULEN Group we offer a technical service specialising in meter reading for gas, water and electricity distribution companies in order to extract data from their metering devices (meters) with an established frequency, reporting to the client the readings taken and the incidents detected.

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We provide services focused on multi-channel services:

Electricity meters reading.
Water meter readings.
Gas meter readings.
Fraud detection.

What is the meter reading process?

We extract the data from your metering devices (meters) in order to inform you of the real consumption of each and every one of your customers with an established periodicity, reporting all the readings taken as well as any incident detected.

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