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Commercial services

We develop integral solutions linked to the sale of your products and services.

We develop comprehensive solutions at the points of sale, managing all types of activities linked to promotion, demonstration and sale of products and services; these solutions allow our customers to focus on the processes of their own business. Our customers know that their business activity is in the hands of a team of professionals that is supported by the most demanding quality certification bodies.

The commercial services provided by EULEN include planning, organization, control, analysis, assessment and decision making activities. The management provided by our experts results in the reduction of costs and optimization of results.

We manage your points of sale as you would do it yourself.

We manage all types of activities related to the promotion, demonstration and sale of products and services according to your company philosophy and values.

To this end, we develop comprehensive solutions for the effective sale of your products and services in retail outlets and distribution centres. Customised actions totally adapted to the different points of sale and the distribution agreements agreed with them.

A professional technical team will be in charge of verifying compliance with each and every one of the actions designed, reporting the results and analysing their positive impact.

We develop integral solutions at the point of sale, managing all types of activities linked to the promotion, demonstration and sale of our client’s products and services. We are experts in people management and point-of-sale specialists; we adapt to the seasonality and needs of these services.


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We provide specific commercial services:

We provide the following services:

Promotion of new products in large surfaces.
Sales force of products and services.
Commercial solutions in the point of sale.
Marketing activities in the retail channel.

En route merchand.

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