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Customer service and information

We work to improve the image of your company.

There are no second chances for a first impression. And, in many cases, customer service and information personnel are the first -and possibly the only one, impression customers get from our company. At EULEN, we provide customized services that are characterized by the highly qualified personnel that render them and the administration of the information arising from the interaction with the users of these services.

We provide one-to-one and telephone customer service and information to people in buildings and passageways with a high number of people or users, such as airports, stations, fairs, theme parks, hospitals, public administrations, etc.

At the side of those who need us

Our face-to-face and telephone assistance and information services are designed to provide help in buildings, facilities and transit areas with large numbers of people (airports, stations, trade fairs, theme parks, hospitals, public administration, etc.), places where our staff try to provide the best possible service to those who require it with precise, clear and detailed information, personalised assistance or efficient management of appointments and incidents.

All our professional teams are trained to collect the information obtained from the interaction with the users and use it to improve the services.

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Specific user care and information services:

We develop the following services:

Customer service and information and passenger care service.
Ground handling services and on board services.
Citizen information helpline.

Information in trade exhibition sites and congresses.
Tourist information.
Information and appointment services for patients.
Assistance to people with reduced mobility.
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