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Logistics services

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EULEN develops its activities in a way that is completely innovative and pioneering in Mexico, providing private intelligence, security and logistics services based on innovation, efficiency and on the ability to integrate and manage all the capacities that our customers may require to develop their projects in a comprehensive way and in non-conventional risk scenarios.

Our services include the design, organization, planning, implementation and supervision of security services in international environments as well as in multinationals’ facilities located in high risk countries; we solve the materials supply and logistics problems in the area and coordinate any activity related to the safety of companies’ directors when they travel abroad. EULEN also supports media teams and protects safety in scientific expeditions.

Specific services for logistics activities

Static and mobile security services.
Consulting, empowerment, training, and specialized legal advising.
Logistics solutions in risk areas.

Management of complex systems of communications.
Life support and quality of life modules.
Recognition and coordination relations network.

Maritime, air and land transportation management.
Maritime safety and logistical support for operations in maritime environments.
Study, investigation and cleaning of areas with munitions and explosives in land and underwater.
Airport security and services.

Security intelligence support in operations.
Empowerment and management of medical and healthcare workers
Surveillance and protection of people, assets or business premises.
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