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Street furniture and playgrounds

Experts in installation and maintenance of street furniture and children's playground equipment.

Street furniture and children’s playground equipment in our cities suffer the effects of adverse weather conditions, regular wear and tear due to use, sometimes even inappropriate use, and on too many occasions damage caused by vandalism. Aware of this, and backed by our knowledge and experience, and by the UNE EN 1176:2009 certification for the installation, inspection and maintenance of playgrounds, at EULEN we offer our clients not only installation services, but also inspection, scheduled maintenance and corrective maintenance services.

What kind of actions do we carry out for the maintenance of parks and gardens?

We provide the following services:

Projects and installation

Design of play areas and studies on the implementation of street furniture.
Installation of street furniture, children's play areas and bio-health elements, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Inspection work

Inspection and monitoring of assets for the detection of incidents and scheduling of maintenance tasks.
Updating of inventories.
Supervision of the work carried out.
Control of the quality of service.
Verification of compliance with security measures.

Programmed maintenance and upkeep

Verification of anchorages and adjustments between parts.
Checking the wear of the elements.
Sanding, varnishing, painting and other surface treatments.
Maintenance of impact surfaces (synthetic rubber flooring and sand floors) and free spaces.
Greasing of moving parts.
Cleaning of elements and surfaces.

Corrective maintenance

Replacement of connecting parts.
Welding and welding renovation work.
Repair and/or replacement of defective or worn parts.
Replacement of defective structural elements.
Replacement of pavements.

In addition to the maintenance of parks and gardens, EULEN Environment carries out installation, inspection and preventive and corrective maintenance work on street furniture and children’s playground equipment. The aim is to minimise risks for users, reduce corrective maintenance interventions to a minimum, thus guaranteeing the permanent availability of urban equipment and prolonging its useful life to the maximum. To achieve this, in addition to the human and technical resources at our disposal, we use computer tools for programming and managing the work, as well as for carrying out and updating inventories.

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