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Green roofs

Development of projects for vertical gardens and roofs in different types of buildings.

The EULEN Group, through its Environment division, provides design, construction and maintenance services for green roofs and vertical gardens in a wide range of buildings. Our main objective is to achieve the perfect landscape and environmental integration of the buildings and the enhancement of their use.

Our integral service of green roofs includes all the design, construction and maintenance of roofs and vertical gardens with the aim of integrating the landscape and environment of the property and enhancing its use.

Specific services for vertical gardens and green roofs

We provide the following services:

Feasibility studies and development of landscaping projects (of roofs and plant walls)
Erection (installation) of green roofs and walls
Maintenance of vegetation

Maintenance of irrigation, water collection and lighting installations (if applicable).
Management of the exploitation of the possible use assigned to the roof (e.g. urban gardens).

Solutions for vertical gardens

EULEN Medio Ambiente has accumulated extensive experience in the creation of green roofs and vertical gardens, as well as in their maintenance service. As a result of this experience, we have already covered more than 4,000 m2 of vegetation on roofs in different buildings, and vertical gardens have been erected and are also being maintained. One of the projects we are most proud of is the roof of the Medical Centre of the Financial City of Banco Santander. Participating in a project of this magnitude has been very inspiring and rewarding for all of us.

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