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Aerial surveillance services

We revolutionise the field of surveillance with the use of unmanned aerial systems (RPAS or drones) for private, industrial, public and institutional security.

Our constant search for new challenges and solutions to achieve unique and comprehensive security has led us to create EULEN Drone Security & Services in response to a growing need that was not fully satisfied in the field of aerial surveillance.

This unit has undoubtedly revolutionised the field of surveillance with the use of unmanned aerial systems, also known as RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) and better known as “drones”, for private, industrial, public and institutional security.

Aerial surveillance and security with drones will allow you to optimise resources, control large areas of land and reach areas that are difficult to access.

Specific aero-surveillance services

We develop the following services:

Critical infrastructure monitoring.
Surveillance of goods and property.
Surveillance of military bases.

Support to convergent security and maintenance tasks.
Monitoring and support in emergencies.
Location, monitoring and support in forest fires.

Surveying of topographical and cartographic plans.
Support to communication systems.

Security at airports with drones

Airports have found it necessary to change and adapt to new technologies in order to prevent threats that can occur in these infrastructures and offer the best service. And precisely the best way to do this is with the airport security system with drones that we offer at EULEN.

Airport security is a very broad term, as it covers everything from the protection of passengers and their belongings to the protection of the crew and equipment that form part of them.

In turn, airports are susceptible to everything from a terrorist attack to a natural disaster or fire, among other risk situations that can endanger the physical integrity and even the lives of people, as well as the state of conservation of goods. As an expert surveillance company in airport security protocols, we have been able to design the best air surveillance system for companies and airport security, thanks to which people can travel through these facilities with the greatest possible peace of mind. If you would like more information and a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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