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Green filters with microalgae

Wastewater treatment through nature-based solutions.

At EULEN Medio Ambiente we invest in the development of new techniques for the decontamination of our environment, and our researchers (doctors in engineering) have developed purification systems using green filters, which consist of poplar plantations (Populus sp. genus).

Together with G2G Algae, we offer the designed service of green filters with microalgae, an innovative service by means of which it is possible to carry out the purification of pollutants present in indoor air, through a solution based on nature (SBN).

The service consists of systems that go beyond simple air purification and generate clear added value. In addition to significantly reducing and purifying the pollutants present in the environment (CO2, carbon monoxide, particles, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc.), it is a decorative structure that introduces a relaxation area, providing an aesthetically pleasing and pleasant element and a sensory plus for the people who are located in its surroundings.


Specific services for green filters with microalgae

We provide the following services:

On-site assembly and installation of devices.
Filling the devices with microalgae inoculum.
Initial characterisation and assessment of the system through sampling and measurements.

Regular maintenance of the devices (general overhaul, cleaning, refilling, measurements, fertilisation, etc.).
Reuse of the filter as a biostimulant for ornamental plants or landscaped areas, improving soils and stimulating plant growth.

Medium to long-term operations manual.
Technical assistance service.

What are the benefits of having a green filter service with microalgae?

Green filters with microalgae have the added value that it is never a waste product, it can be reused for the irrigation of ornamental plants and gardens, to which they provide organic matter, which is what they transform pollutants into, of high value, significantly stimulating the growth of our plants.

Our main objective is to provide a biological and completely innovative solution to the purification/renewal of air in buildings.

Eulen environment and g2g Algae Solutions agreement

EULEN Environment and G2G Algae Solutions have reached an agreement for the development of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), with the aim of promoting new applications based on microalgae.

G2G Algae Solutions is a company, with extensive experience, formed by specialists in Biology, Agricultural Engineering, Economics and Medicine, offering a joint vision in different areas that allows them to create a system with a vision of zero waste. It also has a strong research component, which has led to the patenting of a photobioreactor that allows the cultivation of microalgae with a high air purification capacity. All of this allows them to always work with a Spanish R+D+i spirit.

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