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Environmental and radiation protection

It allows the optimisation of human resources for the execution of tasks related to environmental and radiation protection.

Our services, framed in the areas of Radiation Protection and the Environment, are provided in highly technical industrial and health sectors under strict compliance with the applicable regulations, with special attention to workers, the public and the environment, following the strictest standards of quality and respect for the environment.

Our specialization and experience support us in hazardous waste management.residuos peligrosos

Through PROINSA (Compañía Internacional de Protección, Ingeniería y Tecnología, S.A.U.), a unit within the EULEN Group, we provide radiological protection services at nuclear and radioactive facilities as a company authorised and approved by the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), as well as legionellosis prevention and control services and environmental studies and projects for large companies in the nuclear, chemical, steel and hospital sectors, etc.

Limpieza de residuos medioambientales

Services for protection against exposure to natural radiation in industry

Royal Decree 1439/2020, of 5 November, modified Title VII of the Regulation on health protection against ionising radiation, on “Natural Sources of Radiation”, directly obliging the owners of activities in which there are natural sources of radiation to carry out the necessary studies to determine whether there is a significant increase in the exposure of workers or members of the public that cannot be considered negligible from the point of view of radiological protection.

PROINSA, Compañía Internacional de Protección, Ingeniería y Tecnología S.A.U., which belongs to the EULEN Group and specialises in services in the areas of Radiation Protection and the environment, offers you the service designed for Protection against Exposure to Natural Radiation in NORM Industries (naturally occurring radioactive materials). This consists of radiological characterisation studies, periodic monitoring, advice on measures to be adopted and the application of corrective actions, such as control of the storage of raw materials, waste management, cleaning and decontamination of infrastructures, etc.

Limpieza de residuos peligrosos

Specific hazardous waste management services

We provide the following services:

Radiation protection in nuclear power plants.
Radiation control and protection in radioactive facilities.
Training programs in radiation protection.

Nuclear and radiation emergencies.
Environmental radiation monitoring services.
Collaboration protocol in metal materials surveillance.

Decommissioning of nuclear facilities, decontamination and materials management.
Fire protection fire brigades.
Declassification and management of materials.

We invest in your safety

We reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring through prevention, protection and control tasks, and we are prepared to mitigate the consequences should they occur.

At EULEN Group, we guarantee the safety of its workers, employees and facilities, in particular, and that of the population and the natural environment, in general, through environmental and radiological protection tasks that scrupulously comply with the safety and quality standards required by both current legislation and our own action protocols.


Hazardous waste management services provided by:

These services are provided by Proinsa, a company belonging to the EULEN Group.

PROINSA, Compañía Internacional de Protección, Ingeniería y Tecnología S.A.U., part of the EULEN Group, provides radiological protection, emergency, environmental and training services, mainly at nuclear and radioactive facilities and in the iron and steel sector. It is a Radiological Protection Technical Unit (R.P.T.U.) authorised by the Nuclear Safety Council. Its Quality and Environmental Management Systems are audited and certified.

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