Ethical values.

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A sustainable present
to change the future
Technology, innovation and design,
our high added value.
Our firm commitment,

New services designed
for a market on the move

We are living in a new era, and Grupo EULEN is evolving with it. We anticipate the needs of society and our clients. In our continuous process of creating new services, we are committed to our values of commitment, innovation and leadership.

Thanks to the quality and diversity of our services and our philosophy of maximum effort in our work, we have become leaders in our sector.

Limpieza industrial
Industrial cleaning
As a full-service provider of cleaning services for production production environments, we are aligned with the industrial sector in the industrial sector in the application of the LEAN philosophy.
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Green filters with microalgae
Wastewater treatment through nature-based solutions.
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servicio de compensación de emisiones
GHG emission offsets
Contributing to a more sustainable future
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servicio gestión del patrimonio cultural
EULEN Art: Management of cultural heritage
We are distinguished by our professionalism and the services we offer for the comprehensive management of artistic and cultural heritage.
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servicios de aerovigilancia
Aerial surveillance
We revolutionise the field of surveillance with the use of unmanned aerial systems (RPAS or drones) for private, industrial, public and institutional security.
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Limpieza agroalimentaria y farmacéutica
Agri-food and pharmaceutical cleaning
We are well aware of the importance of hygiene in production processes in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and food.
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Our main concern
is society and its well-being.

Thanks to our continuous process of exploration and improvement, at Grupo EULEN we offer general and specific services to companies, providing specific solutions for each sector.

Our success is based on glimpsing new opportunities and anticipating the needs of companies, a commitment to the latest technologies and a firm commitment to quality, environmental protection and the advancement of society as a whole. All of this, always putting people at the centre.

The EULEN Group, backed by more than 60 years of history and with a presence in 11 countries, is a company whose most important asset is its employees.
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R + D + i
Their future is our future.
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EULEN in figures
Grupo EULEN achieved consolidated sales of 1,674 million euros in 2022.
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The EULEN Group provides specialised services that are organised around 9 well-differentiated business lines.
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The EULEN Group is made
up of people

Total of:
In Spain, Portugal, USA, 8 Latin American countries and Caribbean.
Information updated as of 17 July 2023
In Spain:
3.21% are disabled employees.
Information updated as of 17 July 2023


The future of services is in the hands of our partners

Discover Grupo EULEN’s Employment programme and don’t wait any longer to join us. Find the job offers that best fit your profile and benefit from the advantages of belonging to this great family.


The future of services lies in innovation and technology

Grupo EULEN is making a great commitment to the future in terms of technological processes and assets, as well as qualified personnel, providing all clients with a value-added R&D&I service.


The future of services is based on responsibility and sustainability

In Grupo EULEN you will find an ally that will allow you to carry out a strategy aligned with corporate social responsibility.


We are evolving in the global services we provide to your sector of activity.

At Grupo EULEN we are in a continuous process of exploration and development of new services in order to access new markets and meet the growing needs and demands of our clients. Discover the latest services designed to meet the current needs of leading companies in their respective sectors.

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