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Environmental control and hygiene

We provide solutions in the field of environmental hygiene to cover needs from a life cycle perspective in each of its phases, such as: consumption, waste, atmospheric emissions, dumping, noise, etc.

Environmental hygiene refers to the maintenance of the environmental conditions necessary to ensure the well-being and health of people. It therefore encompasses all those activities necessary to prevent and control the environmental conditions of environments, ensuring that environmental standards are met.

The tasks necessary for the maintenance of environmental hygiene may involve pest prevention and control activities, cleaning and disinfection, sanitary hygiene, radiation monitoring, environmental protection and surveillance, mainly.

The importance of environmental hygiene to create healthier spaces

Because we know that the safety and well-being of those who make your business project possible are of the utmost importance, the EULEN Group contributes, with its hygiene and environmental control service, to the creation of healthy and comfortable spaces within your facilities.

We help to keep buildings clean and breathing, free from contamination, bacteria and the effects of radiation. This is our commitment to you as our client, and to the current legal standards for environmental hygiene.

control ambiental

Cleaning service and integrated waste management

The integrated waste management service includes both physical and administrative management, process optimisation and waste minimisation plans.

This service integrates all of the client’s cleaning needs, closing the circle of cleaning and waste removal. To do this, we address three essential areas:

  • Air diagnosis and treatment.
  • Water diagnosis and treatment.
  • Surface diagnosis and treatment.

We also carry out efficient management of the waste generated by your production activity or service.

control de residuos

Cleaning service and integrated waste management

We provide the following services:

Prevention and control of legionellosis.
Bacteriostatic treatment.
Cleaning and disinfection of pipes and tanks.
Pest Control.

Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning systems.
Disinfection of contaminated ducts.
Deodorizing of facilities.
Natural radiation controls.

Electromagnetic radiations measurement.
Environment quality audits.
Environmental projects control and monitoring.
Water and waste analytical control.
Environmental monitoring plans.
proinsa medidas ambientales
Services provided by:

These services are provided by the companies Proinsa S.A. and Medidas Ambientales S.L.

PROINSA, Compañía Internacional de Protección, Ingeniería y Tecnología S.A.U., provides services related to Environmental and Industrial Hygiene to clients from all types of business sectors. It has highly specialised personnel and all the necessary authorisations to carry out its services.

In turn, EULEN has a 50% shareholding in MEDIDAS AMBIENTALES, S.L., a highly technical company specialising in the radiological and environmental sector. Medidas Ambientales has a staff of 63% graduates and is responsible for carrying out the Environmental Radiological Monitoring Plans at all the nuclear power plants in operation, processing more than 9,000 samples a year and carrying out more than 11,000 radiological analyses.

In addition to the nuclear field, it provides environmental services related to indoor air quality at facilities, microbiological control, analytical control of water and discharges, characterisation of contaminated soils and calculation of the carbon footprint of services, working closely with the EULEN Group in the sustainable approach to projects.

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