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Maintenance of green areas

We have the human and technical resources necessary for quality environmental management.

The EULEN Group’s contribution to the expansion of green spaces and the improvement in the quality of conservation programmes is well known. The trust placed by clients and users in our environmental services, in general, and in the maintenance of green areas, in particular, demonstrates the good practices of our professional team at the service of the natural environment.

Our accumulated experience and commitment to the environment has led us to incorporate ambitious criteria of efficiency and sustainability into our services. We have the necessary resources to make our environmental management a quality commitment that guarantees the successful conservation of the green area whose management and maintenance needs to be outsourced.


Specific services for the maintenance of green areas

We provide the following services:

Maintenance of plants.
Tree pruning.
Replacement of plants.
Pesticide treatments.
Maintenance of irrigation networks.
Maintenance of urban furniture.

Environmental education.
Maintenance of playgrounds.
Maintenance of parks and gardens.
Maintenance of tree-lined streets.
Scrubs clearance along roads.
Cleaning, maintenance and preservation of beaches and their infrastructure.

Wastewater drains cleaning.
Maintenance of sports facilities and fitness elements.
Maintenance of ornamental fountains.

Urban tree risk management and assessment service

EULEN Environment has created the urban tree risk management and assessment service to offer the public a tree-covered mass with the best guarantees in the urban environment, which is essential for improving the tree heritage of cities. Having a tree-covered city represents important environmental, social and economic values and benefits. While trees can mitigate many of the negative impacts of urban development, the benefits they produce can be lost through inappropriate management. It is therefore necessary to establish guidelines (policies, strategies, programmes and projects) for the planning, design and comprehensive and sustainable management of the tree population in cities.

The EULEN Group, aware of the importance of improving the quality and safety of our green heritage, has created this new sustainable service of “Management and risk assessment of urban trees”. An innovative way of developing strategies and executing tree management and conservation plans in urban environments that involves action planning, strategy planning and risk analysis, with proposals aimed at saving trees, not cutting them down.

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