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Hydrological restoration

We bring our environment to life.

The work carried out by EULEN Medio Ambiente in river basins is aimed at their environmental protection and recovery and also includes complementary hydrological correction measures of all kinds to control floods.


Specific services for hydrological restoration

We provide the following services:

Recovery of the landscape and environmental values of the rivers.
Regeneration of the gallery forest.
Development and protection of fauna and flora.
Encouraging economic development in rural areas.
Improvement of tree stands in river basins.
Combating erosion by reducing runoff.

Elimination of obstacles to the natural course of the river.
Elimination of sources of uncontrolled dumping.
Sampling, monitoring and control of the quality of inland surface waters
Cleaning of banks and watercourses
Selective pruning and pruning.
Removal of floating debris trapped in riverbank vegetation.

Removal of waste (plastics, textiles and other large objects).
Clearing of brambles and branches to recover the banks of the river.
Removal and disposal of dead logs blocking bridges and walkways.
Civil engineering works (construction of breakwaters, placement of gabions and construction of jetties).

Obras de bioingeniería

These are a typology of works whose basic constructive resource is living or inert plant elements, which provide great stability to the slopes. They are works that facilitate the integration of the solution into the landscape, the minimisation of possible environmental impact and an increase in biodiversity.

Biological engineering techniques that we perform

Krainer Lattice

A structure for defending riverbanks, formed from a combination of wooden trunks and willow stakes, in some cases placed on breakwaters.

Fajinas de ribera

A framework based on plant material with the capacity for vegetative regeneration, of different typologies: branch cover; staggered thicket, bundles of branches or braided palisade.

Escollera viva

A breakwater solution in which branches and woody species are arranged in the interstices of the stones, which have the capacity to sprout.
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