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Maintenance of security systems

Tailor-made intelligent security systems.

Increasing the performance and productivity of your company or activity involves guaranteeing the highest levels of security and technology on the market. For this reason, at EULEN Group we work on comprehensive solutions that meet the highest quality standards for our security system maintenance services. We provide IT security solutions adapted to your company’s structure, needs and objectives.

Thanks to the constant proposal of incorporating new technology and a highly specialised team, we achieve the continuous improvement of the functionality of your security systems and the correct state of your installations.

Rely on a maintenance service designed to increase the satisfaction of your staff, customers, clients and suppliers, and on a technical team with extensive experience in implementation, maintenance and incident management.

Specific maintenance services for security systems

We provide the following services:

Connection to alarm control headquarters (CRA).

Alarm signal reception, verification and communication of alarm signals to the law enforcement agents.
Reactive remote monitoring services.

Virtual tours, remote accesses control and vehicles tracking.
Control and monitoring of technical assets and services.

Technological monitoring and surveillance.
Security devices management.

SCADA Industrial Systems Security Control Center.

Security systems maintenance services: preventive, corrective and evolutionary systems.

Phases in the maintenance of security systems

  1. Definition of the programme, designation of managers, data collection and selection of human and technical resources.
  2. Start-up of the plan, acquisition of the necessary resources and development of the implementation: preventive, corrective and quality plan, health and safety PRL (Prevention of Occupational Risks).
  3. Results: drafting of historical records, preparation of reports, corrections to the maintenance plan, management of ranges for correction and management of reports and follow-up and monitoring.
  4. Analysis of results and preparation of proposals that reflect the evolution of the behaviour of the installations maintained and allow the necessary actions to be taken, aimed at determining, classifying and improving the ratios of breakdowns and incidents that arise in the systems to be maintained.
fases del mantenimiento de los sistemas de seguridad
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