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Cash and valuables transportation

We guarantee the protection of your company, thanks to our fleet of specialised vehicles.

The EULEN Group has the necessary means to guarantee the success of the process of transporting high-value goods.

To this end, we have a fleet of specialised vehicles for the collection, transfer, distribution, storage, custody, counting and classification of coins, banknotes, securities and other objects which, due to their economic value or dangerousness, may require special protection (Melilla region).

Specific cash-in-transit services

We provide the following services:

Cash transportation.
Cash handling.
Takings collection.

ATMs supply.
Collecting and delivering in bank offices.
Jewelry and valuables objects.

E. Security Register: No. 9 (1-8-1974)

What is the procedure for the transport of funds?

We entrust our securities logistics to highly qualified professionals specifically trained to ensure the safekeeping of your assets.

We guarantee maximum security during all phases of custody and transit of goods and a fully personalised service.

We apply the most advanced technology in the surveillance of consignments, jewellery and valuables.

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