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Security training

We offer employee training services specialising in security.

Eulen America’s security division maintains a cadre of experienced international operators and trainers prepared to design a training regimen for your agency, corporation, group, or individual.

Specific security training services:

We provide the following services:

Behavior Detection: Train to identify threats to your area of operation without “profiling”, the use of ethnic or racial targeting, bias or stereotyping. Employ customer service techniques to achieve improved security and safety for your area of responsibility. Choose from these courses to fit your specific needs:

Security awareness for civilian audiences
Security awareness for security officers
Advanced security awareness for sworn law enforcement personnel

“Active Shooter”: Former SWAT and Federal Air Marshal veterans present this topic based on their years of experience dealing with just such eventualities. You can now draw upon their expertise to train your group, whether it’s in a government entity, corporate setting, or a private group.

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