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COVID-19 services

Preventive services against COVID-19

We design and integrate specialised services against COVID-19

Due to the current health alert caused by COVID-19, the world of services has changed. We are facing a new scenario in which it is necessary to offer quick, immediate and easy-to-implement solutions, which Grupo EULEN is able to provide thanks to its ability to adapt quickly.

A professional response, provided by our teams of specialists who guarantee a return to activity in a framework of well-being and safety for customers, employees and suppliers.
Grupo EULEN can provide global services to meet this objective, with the implementation of a single service or a combination of several in order to meet the client’s needs.

servicios frente al covid 19

Global proposal with more than twenty solutions

  • Cleaning: includes periodic sanitisation and disinfection services for facilities, sanitisation of closed spaces prior to opening, as well as disinfection of risk areas.
  • Security: EULEN Security offers capacity control services through state-of-the-art systems, temperature control and distance control, along with compliance with protocols.
  • Engineering and maintenance: It has all the services for the adaptation and adaptation of facilities to the measures required by health institutions such as: adaptation and functional distribution of spaces, purification lighting, air renewal and filtration, adaptation of facilities with beacons and signage, as well as hand disinfection stations or methacrylate screens.
  • Environment: comprehensive agricultural services, comprehensive management of children’s playgrounds and support for horticultural work in urban environments.
  • Auxiliary Services: these include digitalisation services for company documentation and services related to sports facilities and cultural centres, such as museums and other exhibition centres, so that when they can start their activity they can do so in the safest way possible.
  • Socio-health services: emotional care and support is offered to companies via telephone for company staff and their families, through the Fundación Salud y Persona.
  • Global HR and employment solutions: EULEN Flexiplán, an EULEN Group company, is providing support to critical sectors by searching for the profiles most in demand and in need with the COVID-19 pandemic, such as those available in the agri-food, logistics and transport sectors.
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