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Surveillance company

We have the right professionals according to the type of security required.

Obtaining a climate of comfort and tranquillity that does not interfere in production processes or in the provision of services beyond what is strictly necessary is important, so much so that it can have a decisive impact on the level of productivity, on the health of the workers themselves, and on the perception of users.

For this reason, at Grupo EULEN we understand monitoring as an activity aimed at guaranteeing harmony in your company and the well-being of your staff, clients, suppliers, etc. We have the right professionals depending on the type of security required. We are leaders in the sector with a solid national and international presence.

Specific surveillance services

We provide the following services:

Armed & unarmed security guards services.
Explosives security.
Private bodyguards.
Field rangers.

Surveillance of facilities, contests and exhibitions.
Personalities protection services.
Security services for companies’ facilities and interests settled in high-risk international environments.

E. Security Registry: No 9 (1-8-1974)
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