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Intelligence security

We are a benchmark in business security intelligence services.

Rely on a service designed to achieve maximum performance and increase your levels of productivity and competitiveness in complete security. Innovative, flexible and agile, these are the answers provided by our Business Security Intelligence Service.

Security of tangible assets (infrastructure, people, operations and logistics) and intangible assets (corporate reputation and knowledge base), and processes to ensure the continuity of business operations; we integrate our intelligent solutions into the fundamental pillars for the development and growth of your company, those that will enable the current and future success of your activity.

The EULEN Group has been able to adapt to the circumstances and demands of the market to become a global benchmark provider of intelligence services. Our Intelligence Unit provides support services, analysis and implementation of solutions in two distinct areas: operations intelligence and business intelligence.

Specific intelligence and security services

We provide the following services:

Open-source intelligence.
Social networks intelligence.
Estimative and prospective intelligence.
Reputational intelligence.

Logistical intelligence.
Competitive intelligence.
International Security and Expatriates.

E. Security Register: No. 9 (1-8-1974)
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