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Water, gas and electricity

In the energy sector, synergy is a key concept.

At Grupo EULEN, we integrate services to the energy, gas and water sector and we join forces to optimise resources. This would not be possible without our experts’ daily and unwavering commitment to innovation.

We add value to your project within the sector, helping companies to achieve a balance between clean, safe and accessible energy. Within the energy sector, we develop specific services for the oil and gas industry, refineries, nuclear energy, renewable energy, petrochemical industries and water companies.

Services to companies in the energy, gas and water sector

Our ability to offer a quick and effective response to any security incident and our strong environmental commitment in waste management endorse our prestige in this sector.

Grupo EULEN has an extensive specialised infrastructure through its highly qualified employees, its innovation in processes and technology and with an ad-hoc management system according to the needs determined by each company. The comprehensive management of our services in areas of energy production sets us apart.

Isolated or integrated services (Facility Services) in buildings

  • Cleaning. Cleaning at works, general maintenance, wall-to-wall carpets, windows and screens. Cleaning and restoration of facades. Supply of hygiene products. Hygienic cleaning and environmental control.
  • Environment. Maintenance and replacement of indoor plants. Environmental hygiene: audits, environmental surveillance, radiation and water monitoring. Certifications. Pest Control.
  • Maintenance. Technical-legal preventive maintenance. Conductive, corrective and predictive maintenance of facilities by means of analysis techniques and GMA and CAT systems. Energy services. Upgrading works. Projects. Networks management.
  • Security. Consultancy services. Access control. Surveillance. Escorts. Installation and maintenance of security systems. Information security. Fire protection. Design of the building’s emergency plan.
  • Support services. Telephone helpline and information service. Call management. Concierge. Pouch and documentation management. Meeting rooms, reprography and archive management. Furniture. Removals. Warehouse. Destruction of documents. Medical services.

Isolated or integrated services (Facility Services) in the exterior of buildings

  • Cleaning. Cleaning of external areas. Collection of solid urban waste. Cleaning of waste water treatment networks. TV inspection and leak detection. Water jet cleaning.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance and repair of perimeter fences. Inspection and maintenance of outdoor water hydrants.
  • Security. Control of external accesses. Surveillance patrols. Installation and maintenance of perimeter detection systems.
  • Environment. Comprehensive maintenance of green areas: earthworks, irrigation systems, civil works. Installation and maintenance of lighting, ornamental fountains and pumping facilities.

Specific services for the customer’s core business

  • Industrial cleaning. Radioactive decontamination. Cleaning of equipments, machinery, structures, fluid lines, pipes, pools and chimneys. Chemical, cryogenic and hydrodynamic cleanings. Scaffolding. Support services for technical stoppages. Management of industrial waste and transfer to landfills.
  • Industrial maintenance. Production line maintenance. Machinery lubrication. Maintenance of air conditioning systems, medium-low tension systems, sanitary water systems and pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Fire fighting network. Plumbing and carpentry. Management and efficiency of productive energy. Management and coordination of works and projects.
  • Industrial safety. Consultancy services. Loss prevention study. Safety in logistics and transportation. Emergency plans for power plants. Access and explosives monitoring. Security in lines and networks. Fire fighting security.
  • Auxiliary services. Inventory. Licenses management. Energy audits. Radiation protection. Medical center. Reception. Meter readings. Security Services. Internal movements in hospital wards. Renewable energy consultancy services.

Support services to the customer's core business

  • HR Services. HR consultancy, training and coaching. Provision of professional profiles. Specific training for a job position PRL services.
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO) 
    • Business process outsourcing: invoicing, wages, digitalization of documents. Vehicles. Audits. Accounting. Treasury. Consultancy. Insurances. Advertising.
    • Field inspection and appraisals: inventories, audits. Surveys.
    • Telemarketing and sales force: post-sale services and creation of customer loyalty. Data recording. Collection management and complaints management. Promotions. Call center.
    • Other services: logistical brokers. Remote adviser. Mystery shopper. Surveys. Loyalty program.
  • CSR Support. Social, labor, environmental and cultural activities. Audits: compliance with current legislation. Labor conditions supervision. Resources and waste management monitoring. Supply chain monitoring. Company partnership strategies.

Total Facility Management

Quality control is the key of the services we provide in our management. We provide specific support in the supply chain, internal management and logistics and marketing activities. Includes services:

  • Contribution of the FM structure. Analysis and definition of service and fulfillment levels (SLA). Incidents management. Improvement proposal. Manuals. Quality control. Property management. Integrated computer system. Comprehensive management of services. Support services.
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