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Next Generation

EULEN Group is aligned with the European initiative "Next Generation" to build a promising future, through different services designed in turn aligned with the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for Spain.

Learn more about the EULEN Group's value proposition to accompany the European Next Generation initiative

EULEN Group is aligned with the European initiative “Next Generation” to build a promising future, through various services designed in line with Spain’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The EULEN Next Generation project has a specific proposal of 21 projects and an involved team of more than 40 people from the company.

In response to the unprecedented crisis caused by the coronavirus, on 21 June 2020 the European Council approved the creation of the NextGenerationEU (NGEU) programme, the largest economic stimulus instrument ever funded by the European Union.

This recovery plan for the coming years 2021-2027 aims to build a post-COVID-19 Europe that is greener, more digital and more resilient to the changes and challenges of the future.

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We continue to move towards the future

EULEN Group has made a proposal, in which more than 40 people from the company have collaborated, which includes 21 services from different business lines whose objective is to collaborate in the improvement and transformation of current public services and the quality of life of citizens.

These are ambitious but viable projects, which are based on high specialisation, proximity to the public sector, agility, as well as the great diversification of the Group’s activities, which highlight our role as an employer and transforming company.

Through these projects, we aim to cooperate with European funds through plans that can generate more than 800 million euros and more than 9,500 jobs, helping public administrations to generate stable and quality employment.

These projects include services such as active forests, green forest filters, empty land, circular cleaning, digitisation of documentary collections, rural eco-culture, rural digital transformation, energy efficiency through biomass, networks of hydroline stations and charging stations for electric mobility, advanced digital remote assistance, women in rural areas, integrated management of urban loneliness, among others.

Due to the situation we are living through, Grupo EULEN and all the people who make it up, want to work together to collaborate in the socio-economic development of the country by building strategic and valuable services thanks to the technical and operational capacity, as well as the expertise offered by Grupo EULEN to improve public services.

For all these reasons, we will work to offer the best of ourselves throughout the process of definition by public administrations and consortia of companies, where we are convinced that we will be able to contribute incalculable value.

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