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Supply and restocking services

We take care of the internal logistics of your company.

Our service of internal logistics of goods covers the supply and restocking of products; wemanage goods in warehouses and platforms, so our customers are able to focus on their main business activity. At EULEN, we are specialists in managing processes where a great amount of personnel is required occasionally: handling, picking and packing process, for example.

Our management services include a previous analysis of the facilities and processes, thereby increasing the efficiency, quality and profitability of the operations carried out in the warehouse.

Your linear, always at the ready

We manage the reception, organisation and replenishment of articles and products on the shelves of retail outlets and distribution centres. Because the appearance of your displays says everything about your brand, our management and replenishment team will permanently maintain an impeccable presence in all of them.

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Specific supermarket replenishment services:

We provide the following services:

Reception, checking, unloading, classification, range organization¬, unpacking and transfer of goods to the corresponding areas within the shopping mall.

Restocking of goods and products in display stands and shelves, verification¬ of the correct display of products, expiration control, returns management, inventory and stock control.

Order preparations, on-line or telephone sales, picking, packing, issuance of sales tickets and shipping management.
Auxiliary packing and maintenance services, collection and location of shopping carts.
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