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Intervention and integration

Committed to the most disadvantaged, committed to those who need it most.

This area includes programs and services that first pursue social and/or labor inclusion of people who for various reasons require specialized professional support to achieve integration into the society in which we live. And secondly, they help improve the life, social and/or family status of groups or people at risk and help with specific needs.


Specific social integration services

We provide the following services:

Day centers and residences for young people.
Meeting points and family mediation.
Services and care centers for women who are victims of gender violence.
Intervention programs for children who are victims of violence.
Equality plans and services.
Assessment services and training for adoption.
Post adoption monitoring and intervention services.

Socio-occupational reintegration services.
Inter-cultural mediation services.
Programs for reception, integration and assistance with immigrants and ethnic minorities.
Service for homeless and/or vagrants.
Emergency social services.

(Quality certifications: Excellence EFQM+400, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 e ISO 27001:2005).

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