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Health services for companies

Ensuring the health and well-being of your employees is ensuring the health of your company.

Rely on our health services for employees and contribute to the promotion of a healthy workplace in your corporation or institution.

We organise and provide specialised health services on your company’s premises, providing your employees with greater comfort and, for the organisation, saving time and costs.

Preventing illnesses, guiding in the acquisition of healthy habits and promoting a better working environment and performance are part of the objectives pursued by our health services, objectives that we share with all those companies with which we collaborate in favour of the health of their employees.


Health services to companies

We provide the following services:

Developing occupational health and ergonomics models.
Research and analysis of accidents in the workplace
Detecting chronic or degenerative illnesses
Handling and collecting dangerous and infectious biological waste

Immunization campaigns.
Preventative health and health promotion campaigns.
Registration with COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risk).
Creating and training the health and safety commission and first aid providers.

Initial and regular medical examinations.
Setting up traveling medical centers, controlling and supplying medication and supplies.
Nutrition and health in industrial cafeterias.

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