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Industrial maintenance

We optimise resources to ensure the success of your industrial activity.

In EULEN, we provide you with the necessary services to perform the maintenance of your industrial facilities in order to optimize your resources. To this end, we rely on one of the most qualified staff in this field, we provide you with a 24/7 service and we have an extensive network of offices throughout our national territory.

Our experience and knowledge enables EULEN Maintenance to offer comprehensive solutions ranging from technical assistance in a particular situation to the design and implementation of a “turn-key” global service in the production chain.

Specific industrial maintenance services for companies:

We provide the following services:

General electromechanical maintenance.
Industrial cooling systems maintenance.
Heat generator maintenance.

Conveyor belts systems maintenance.
PLCs computer maintenance.
Pneumatic systems maintenance.
Predictive maintenance with thermography and vibration analysis.
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