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We seek to improve productivity and the adjustment of costs and waiting times, applying an appropriate management model, as well as the promotion and dissemination of good practices.

The aim of this service area is the functional and technical improvement of electromedical equipment decreasing the response times in providing attention and resolving incidents, thus increasing the effective periods of availability.

Our strategy consists in comprehensively managing the specialized resources allocated to each service; our attention is focused on results and built on a culture of support for health activities and compliance with current regulations.

To this end, we have all the necessary means: specific tools for checking and performing protocols of maintenance schedules following the manufacturer’s recommendations, an exclusive department of materials suppliers’ management, specialized staff, ongoing training programs, collaboration agreements with the main manufacturers and official technical services of the sector, etc.


Specific medical equipment maintenance services

We provide the following services:

As specialists in this type of activity, in addition to the maintenance services that are usually provided (corrective, preventive, predictive, conductive, etc.), we offer:

Consulting and advising services.
Technical legal maintenance of surgical facilities and special rooms.
Maintenance of facilities and sterilization equipment.
Maintenance of laboratory equipment.
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