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Industrial cleaning

As a full-service provider of cleaning services for production production environments, we are aligned with the industrial sector in the industrial sector in the application of the LEAN philosophy.

We provide services for every industrial need. We cover all sectors, including the automotive and nuclear sectors. All our activities have been tailored to suit our customers needs; our experience allows us to provide quality services under strict security measures and demanding training programs for our employees.

Our purpose is to reach cleaning levels that guarantee the normal development of the productive process as well as the safety of facilities and the people who work in them.

We invest in your safety through optimal industrial cleaning

If we were to tell you that we provide comprehensive cleaning services in production environments, we would be telling a half-truth, because our industrial cleaning service is much more than that.

At EULEN Group, we align ourselves with your company values and specific objectives to provide you with a service based on quality, innovation and optimisation that meets your expectations and those of your employees, paying special attention to those tasks that guarantee the safety of the work, your staff and the industrial area itself.

seguridad en la limpieza industrial

When it comes to cleaning an industrial building, it is essential to bear in mind a series of rules:

  • First of all, it is necessary to know the needs of the building beforehand.
  • Special emphasis must be placed on the disinfection of all installations.
  • Cleaning work should be carried out at a time that does not interrupt the normal operation of the building.
  • It is essential to carry out the cleaning tasks with sufficient frequency to ensure that the facilities are maintained at the necessary levels of hygiene at all times.

As we are experts in cleaning industrial premises, at EULEN Cleaning we always work according to these basic and necessary guidelines.

Integral cleaning of industries

EULEN Cleaning is a pioneer in the application of the latest tools and methodologies in industrial cleaning services. An innovative service that integrates industrial cleaning services (LI) and specialised industrial cleaning (LIE) in industrial spaces, encompassing both conventional techniques and those that require a high degree of specialisation.

Our main objective is to achieve levels of cleanliness that guarantee the normal development of the production process and the safety of the facilities and the people who work in them.

For this reason, at Grupo EULEN we offer a service that goes beyond the provision of comprehensive cleaning services in production environments. We align ourselves with the specific values and objectives of your company, allowing us to provide you with a service that is based on quality, innovation and optimisation that meets your expectations and those of your employees.

As an expert industrial cleaning provider, we pay special attention to those tasks that ensure the safety of your work, the industrial area and the people who are most important to you.

limpieza integral en industria

Comprehensive industrial cleaning services.

Comprehensive industrial cleaning.

Comprehensive cleaning of factories::

Cleaning of pipes and process circuits.
Building cleaning.
Road cleaning.
Cleaning services projects and design.
Resources optimization.
Services engineering.

Waste management:

Packing and separate collection of waste.
Rating, removal and transport to landfill.
Management and environmental documentation.

Everyday cleaning:

Cleaning of public roads.
Collection of solid urban waste.
Cleaning of waste water treatment networks.
Inspection using TV, leak detection.

Technical cleaning. Hydrodynamic cleaning

Heat exchangers, heaters.
Cleaning of pipes and process circuits.
Deposits, tanks, reactors.
Cooling towers.
Filtering systems.

Technical cleaning. Cleaning with Jet-Vac trucks

Slurry and industrial fluids vacuum.
Chemicals, hydrocarbons and fuel tanks and deposits.

Technical cleaning. Cleaning with vacuum equipment for solids and powders

Vacuum solids and powdery or bulk materials.
Vacuum of silos, ash, cement, etc.

Chemical cleaning:

Processing circuits.
Heat exchangers, cooling systems, deposits.
Cooling circuits.
Surface treatment.

Cryogenic cleaning:

Cleaning of uneven or unaccessible surfaces.
Waste minimization.
Machinery, molds.

Air conditioning systems sanitation:

Inspection using TV, diagnosis, pipes and machines cleaning.
Analysis: particles, bacteriological.
Cooling circuits.
Surface treatment.

Cleaning of nuclear power plants:

Radioactive decontamination.
Refueling and shutdown support services.
Operation and management of laundries and decontamination chamber.
High-pressure hydrodynamic cleaning (2000 kg/cm2).
Passageways management.
Confinement, SAS.
Segregation in drums.
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