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Conventional cleaning services

We offer high quality cleaning using the latest technology, innovation and robotics, with the use of qualified profiles selected according to the profile of the centre.

This service includes all the cleaning works necessary for keeping, protecting and maintaining the facilities. After assessing the specific needs of every customer, our specialists at EULEN Cleaning Services design, implement and execute a customized service, thereby ensuring an ideal level of cleaning and hygiene.

The training we provide to the staff in charge of the cleaning works, the machinery and materials we use and the environmental management systems we apply to minimize the ecological impact place us at the top of a sector where we have always led the way.

Pioneers in hygiene and disinfection services

Specialists in comprehensive cleaning services for companies, at EULEN Group we provide you with highly qualified personnel and the most modern technology to achieve a hygienic, comfortable and environmentally friendly business environment.

All our cleaning systems guarantee a minimum ecological impact and absolute adaptation to your facilities, production processes or services, regardless of the sector in which you operate.

We tackle fully customised tasks that contribute to increasing your employees’ well-being, efficiency and productivity.

pioneros en servicios de limpieza convencionales

Specific conventional cleaning services:

We provide the following services:

Maintenance cleaning works

Interior cleaning of all types of buildings, offices, large shopping malls, conference centers and museums, sport centers, airports, transportation centers and means, education centers, hotels and tourist accommodations.

General cleanings works

Specific cleaning works caused by a specific situation normally related to the organization of an event or the start of a new construction (new building works cleaning, alteration of premises, inaugurations, relevant sports and cultural events).

Special cleaning works

floor treatments, ceilings and suspended ceilings cleaning, escalators, elevators, wall-to-wall carpets, upholsteries, high-rise windows cleaning, graffiti removal and facades treatments.

Additional services

Removal of wastes, integrated pest control, hygienic consumables replacement, women hygienic units, bacteriostatic agents and air fresheners.
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