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Gardening and landscaping services

We apply the latest technology in the implementation of green areas.

Moving towards the sustainability of cities. This is EULEN Environment’s proposal for those who rely on its services; an objective for which we have developed several actions related to urban gardening and landscaping. We want this commitment to sustainability in cities and municipalities to be reflected in the ornamental value of their green areas.

EULEN Environment has been developing activities related to gardening and landscaping for more than 30 years.

The ornamental value of green areas depends on conservation, the choice of species and the quality of implementation, tasks in which we are experts after extensive experience in the design, creation and conservation of public, private and sports parks, historic and unique gardens, recovery of degraded areas, etc.


Specific services for gardening and landscaping

We provide the following services:

Earthworks and planting.
Installation of irrigation and drainage networks.
Construction of roads, pavements, paths and green corridors.
Execution of civil works.
Installation and maintenance of lighting, ornamental fountains and pumping facilities.

Construction of parks and public and private gardens.
Restoration of degraded urban spaces.
Environmental and landscape recoveries.
Restoration of landfills and gravel pits.

Activities for the recovery of coasts, dunes and wetlands.
Recycling point management.

Our commitment to the Smart Enviroment strategy and City 4.0

Emphasising the value and importance of environmental sustainability and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to promote the development of cleaner cities that respect the environment and the health of their citizens. This is what the Smart Environment strategy refers to, framed within the Smart City objective for the development of smart cities or cities 4.0 in Europe and to whose achievement our group wants to contribute with its environmental services.

The Smart City objective, which in Spain is embodied in the National Smart Cities Plan, responds to a framework document drawn up in 2015, within the European 2020 Strategy, on the importance of achieving an efficient sustainable city model that, through technology, becomes a citizen-friendly urban environment that respects citizens’ health and well-being.

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