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Commercial distribution

Grupo EULEN takes care of the efficient management of distribution and stock.

Companies are currently focusing on the development of their competitive advantages, the know-how, leaving the management of secondary activities that are not part of their core business in the hands of specialists. This step consists of delegating responsibilities and commitments that are not inherent to the essence of the business.

Grupo EULEN aims to provide and manage a wide range of complementary services to the hard core of the client’s activity, both in production processes and in the supply chain. To this end, we act as a flexible and efficient supplier, always providing added value.

This allows us to provide large supermarkets and shopping centres with a large team of highly qualified professionals, innovative machinery and a management system tailored to their needs.

Services to commercial distribution companies

The EULEN Group is aware of the great dynamism and rapid evolution of this sector, which is tending towards the accelerated development of new forms of supplies due to e-commerce. For this reason, we provide large supermarkets and shopping centres with a large team of professionals who deal with the efficient management of distribution and stock, relieving companies of these tasks.

Supply chain

  • Goods transportation. Traffic management, fruits optimization and home delivery.
  • Central warehouses. Goods receipts, loading and unloading. Internal movements. Palletizing. Cold chamber. Electrical clothes hanging installation . Shrink-wrapping, labeling and inventory.
  • Logistical platforms. Goods receipts, loading and unloading. Palletizing. Picking. Shipping, documentation, delivery note.
  • Fresh food market. Storage and cold chambers. Facilities flushing. Everyday cleaning. Collection, segregation and disposal of waste. Comprehensive maintenance of facilities.

Internal management and logistics according to commercial formats

  • Specialized shop. Unloading of goods. Returns. Waste management. Placing products in display stands. Corporate image and store windows.
  • Shopping malls / Business parks. Property management. Asset management. Entertainment and Leisure Toy libraries. Parking management.
  • Supermarke. Goods unloading and supply. Implanting goods-sections. Gondola shelving. Replacement-expiration monitoring. Checkout lanes management. at supermarkets.
  • Large supermarkets. Unloading and supply management in docks. Implanting goods-sections. Gondola shelving. Restocking-expiration monitoring-stock control. Preparation of orders. Checkout lanes management at supermarkets.
  • Department stores. Unloading and supply management in docks. Implanting goods-placement of goods in displays. Catering. Toy libraries. Parking management.

Marketing (face-to-face and distant)

  • Merchandising. Supply and implanting of goods. Promotions. Organization of aisles, movement flows. Stores image management. Corner-TPV. Signage. Advertising.
  • Point of sale. Attention and information Goods promotion-exhibition. Sales. Loyalty program. Citizen information helpline. Surveys. Count. Recruitment and provision of professional profiles. Sales, checkout lanes at supermarkets.
  • Vending. Goods replacement. Takings and balance. Equipment maintenance.
  • E-commerce. Telematics. Mobile Internet. Web sites designs and management.
  • Other sales channels. Telemarketing-call center and contact center. Interactive sale. Mail orders. Advertising.

Isolated or integrated services (Facility Services) in buildings

  • Cleaning. Cleaning at works, general maintenance, wall-to-wall carpets, windows and screens. Cleaning and restoration of facades. Supply of hygiene products. Hygienic cleaning and environmental control.
  • Environment. Maintenance and replacement of indoor plants. Environmental hygiene: audits, environmental surveillance, radiation and water monitoring. Certifications. Pest Control.
  • Maintenance. Technical-legal preventive maintenance. Conductive, corrective and predictive maintenance of facilities by means of analysis techniques and GMA and CAT systems. Energy services. Upgrading works. Projects. Networks management.
  • Security. Consultancy services. Access control. Surveillance. Escorts. Installation and maintenance of security systems. Information security. Fire protection. Design of the building’s emergency plan.
  • Support services. Telephone helpline and information service. Call management. Concierge. Pouch and documentation management. Meeting rooms, reprography and archive management. Furniture. Removals. Warehouse. Destruction of documents. Medical services.

Isolated or integrated services (Facility Services) in the exterior of buildings

  • Cleaning. Cleaning of external areas. Collection of solid urban waste. Cleaning of waste water treatment networks. TV inspection and leak detection. Water jet cleaning.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance and repair of perimeter fences. Inspection and maintenance of outdoor water hydrants.
  • Security. Control of external accesses. Surveillance patrols. Installation and maintenance of perimeter detection systems.
  • Environment. Comprehensive maintenance of green areas: earthworks, irrigation systems, civil works. Installation and maintenance of lighting, ornamental fountains and pumping facilities.

Support services to the customer's core business

  • HR Services. HR consultancy, training and coaching. Provision of professional profiles. Specific training for a job position PRL services.
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO) 
    • Business process outsourcing: invoicing, wages, digitalization of documents. Vehicles. Audits. Accounting. Treasury. Consultancy. Insurances. Advertising.
    • Field inspection and appraisals: inventories, audits. Surveys.
    • Telemarketing and sales force: post-sale services and creation of customer loyalty. Data recording. Collection management and complaints management. Promotions. Call center.
    • Other services: logistical brokers. Remote adviser. Mystery shopper. Surveys. Loyalty program.
  • CSR Support. Social, labor, environmental and cultural activities. Audits: compliance with current legislation. Labor conditions supervision. Resources and waste management monitoring. Supply chain monitoring. Company partnership strategies.

Total Facility Management

Quality control is the key of the services we provide in our management. We provide specific support in the supply chain, internal management and logistics and marketing activities. Includes services:

  • Contribution of the FM structure. Analysis and definition of service and fulfillment levels (SLA). Incidents management. Improvement proposal. Manuals. Quality control. Property management. Integrated computer system. Comprehensive management of services. Support services.

Cleaning service for commercial and leisure centres.

At a time when there is an increase in the number of shopping centres and more and more people are using e-commerce as the main way to buy products, shopping centres must become meeting points and continue to gain visitors. For this reason, the EULEN Group has created a specialised cleaning service for leisure centres, offering a range of services aimed at improving the perceptions of consumers or users, working on aspects such as sanitisation and conservation of the centre. We offer high quality cleaning using the latest technology, innovation and robotics.

We know that the most important thing for our clients is to have a reliable partner that accompanies them in the process of continuous improvement to turn their centres into spectacular spaces in which the user feels safe in all dimensions and travels to the shopping centre ready to live the best experience.

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