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Research, development and innovation (R+D+i)

Their future is our future.

Research, development and innovation (R+D+i)

This is the EULEN Group’s great commitment to the future at a global level, a commitment to the constant progress of processes and services through an ever-increasing effort in the area of R&D&I.
To achieve this, we have created a culture of innovation and we have a specific team that manages all our R&D&I projects, whose mission is to continuously improve the levels of productivity and competitiveness of the organisation and of each of the activities carried out.
We are continuously developing strategic solutions that respond to the needs of society and the market under the paradigm of innovation and progress.

Service engineering

The study of the “Science of Services” and the construction of a true Service Engineering as a technical discipline, allow us to advance towards new, more efficient and audacious service models with our own tools in continuous evolution:

  • Service Model Design Methodology (MRS©).
  • Methodology of ideation by induction (iPIN©)) in the extensive experience of the EULEN Group.
  • Methodology for marketing new services (Commercial Circle©), understanding the complexity of transmitting a new intangible asset to the market such as a service.
  • Technological platform (Technological Sphere©) for the efficient integration of technology in services.

Service engineering is a very new and developing discipline, which is why the EULEN Group also participates in the university training of future service engineers, a profession of the future, professionals who will build a professionally servitised, sustainable and technological future.


Designed services

The EULEN Group offers high added value service models created specifically to provide useful, quality and more efficient solutions to your company or institution, called Designed Services.
These new solutions have been developed from the perspectives of the client, the user and the company that provides them.
For their development, we use our own methodologies and tools designed by the EULEN Group’s R&D&I department, such as the service representation system (MRS©), the analytical project (DSP©) or the design workshops. All services are developed by highly qualified specialists in the area of action, undoubtedly the real asset, the knowledge of the people.


Technology applied to services

Technological times undoubtedly, and Services require continuous technification in order to maintain our high quality standards in an efficient manner. We are also aware of the digital transformation that society, work and people are undergoing, and so we use all our technological knowledge and experience to provide highly effective and transformative solutions that continually digitise our services.
We use technology to manage technology, so the Technology Sphere© is a dynamic platform used by thousands of people in our organisation through which knowledge flows transversally. We learn, the Organisation learns in short.