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Agri-food and pharmaceutical cleaning

We are well aware of the importance of hygiene in production processes in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and food.

The specialisation of our teams means that our services are fully adapted to these sectors, developing and implementing techniques that guarantee their production process, and in which each part works with the required precision: processes, methods, materials, machinery and personnel.

Our main objective is to ensure that the client develops its activity by increasing its productivity and achieving greater economic performance. All of this, with the peace of mind that we are complying with the highest quality standards, in accordance with the sector’s current regulations, while guaranteeing the safety of the food produced to give our customers and consumers the necessary confidence for consumption.

Maximum hygiene and safety in agri-foodstuffs cleaning

Because we know that your activity in the agri-food sector requires extreme rigour to guarantee the quality and safety of your production, at Grupo EULEN we have designed two lines specialising in the cleaning and disinfection of industries that are particularly sensitive with regard to the hygiene and safety of their facilities.

We adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the food produced in your plant.

Our professional team, highly qualified and aware of the importance of hygiene in food production processes, covers all types of tasks to combat biological, physical and chemical risks.

limpieza agroalimentaria

Policy measures in the pharmaceutical industry

We develop a set of hygienic measures that aim to:

  • Limit the amount of particles present in cleanrooms, depending on their classification.
  • Implementing techniques that avoid cross-contamination during the sanitisation process, both of your facilities and of the material or machinery present in them.
  • At EULEN Group, our commitment to biosafety in your plant and facilities will be absolute and the results will be decisive for you and your work team.
limpieza farmaceutica

Specific agri-food and pharmaceutical cleaning services

We provide the following services:

External and internal audits of the cleaning and disinfection plan.

Standardized work procedures.
Minimization of water consumption, reduction of COD and disinfection.

Hygienic design of facilities consultancy.
Design of hygiene plans specific for every facility.
Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) systems support services.

Validation and verification of the cleansing process.
Implementation of objective indicators of development and result.
Implementation of procedures, signs.

External audit of the service.
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