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Security system solutions

Our alarm receiving centre allows us to react quickly and efficiently to any incident.

The EULEN Group offers you comprehensive solutions and the latest technology at the service of your security. Risk analysis, detection systems, video-surveillance, access control for people, vehicles and assets, fire protection, etc. EULEN Security offers a wide range of services related to physical and electronic security systems for all types of installations, based on the latest innovations and adapted to your protection needs.

  • We design global security solutions for you.
  • We protect your interests 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • We react quickly and efficiently to any incident thanks to the integration of your security systems in centralised management platforms.

Specific security systems services

We provide the following services:

Turnkey design and installation, training and support of turnkey systems:

Indoor and perimeter intrusion detection: high-end residential systems, high security systems for critical and critical infrastructure.
Video surveillance: IP or analogue video, intelligent video analytics, thermal and/or thermographic camera systems, fire detection by video analytics, gauging control, etc.

Fire protection: analogue and conventional detection systems, ultra-fast detection systems, water mist extinguishing systems, gas extinguishing systems.
Access control: of vehicles (number plate reading systems, parking guidance systems, capacity control systems, etc.), of persons (by means of smart cards, biometric systems / multimodal biometrics / cryptobiometrics, etc.) and of assets.

Engineering for the adaptation of security installations to new risks and new regulations.
Risk analysis engineering.
Design and implementation of new technological security solutions.
Analysis, design and manufacturing of hardware and software solutions and components for integration and customization of security systems in security management platforms.
Integration of security systems, centralisation systems, local or remote control centres.
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