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Shielding yourself against threats from the digital environment is no longer an option if you want to ensure the security of your data and the information and communication systems you use for all your processes.

The EULEN Group, through its Security Division, is developing a new service designed for Integral Security with the main objective of unifying all our conventional surveillance services into a single service. Our extensive experience in the sector gives us the reliability required in this field of security. We have at your disposal the latest technologies applied to video surveillance and a specialised workforce that will look after your structure.

Integrated security is more effective security. EULEN Security integrates all its services. Nothing and no one will go unnoticed by our intelligent surveillance systems. By combining all our services, we can cover each of our clients’ needs, all under the supervision of our control centre.

Specific cybersecurity services

We provide the following services:

Consulting in cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity master plans.
Information Security Management Systems.
Technical cybersecurity offices.
Personal Data Security and Regulatory Compliance

Preparation of cybersecurity regulations.
Risk analysis.
Analysis, design and implementation of technical solutions.
Securization of systems and communications.
Intrusion testing and vulnerability checks.

Prevention of data leaks.
Forensic analysis and incident investigation.
Audits: techniques, data protection and compliance with regulations.
Training and awareness in cybersecurity.
Security management.

Analysis and response to security incidents.
Monitoring and correlation of security events in real time.
Monitoring the health of the technological infrastructure.
Creation of security alerts and warnings.
Identifying and evaluating new vulnerabilities and threats.

Management of forensic evidence.
Detection of credentials/corporate information exposed on the network (Internet and Deep Web).
Detection of e-crime.

Responses that guarantee your safety and that of your services

Shielding yourself against threats from the digital environment is no longer an option if you want to guarantee the security of your data and the information and communication systems you use for the development of all your processes. We preserve the security of your company and that of your clients and customers through comprehensive solutions and effective preventive systems against cyber-attacks.

Storage systems, data transmission, process execution, etc. Our services cover all your security needs in the field of business management and control systems used in industrial environments (industrial cybersecurity), and do so throughout the entire life cycle of your company. We adapt to your structure, size, work team and objectives.

We have a technical team with extensive experience in implementing effective cybersecurity solutions and incident management.

garantizamos su seguridad yel de sus servicios

Effective response to any cybersecurity emergency

EULEN Security-CCSI-CERT is the name given to our cybersecurity operations centre, a response system for computer emergencies and security incidents that develops both preventive and reactive measures against network attacks, threats and vulnerabilities.

This service provides assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is UNE-EN 22301:2013, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certified.

EULEN Seguridad-CCSI-CERT is a member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), an international organisation that currently has more than 400 members worldwide. We thus contribute to the global and international response by different organisations, institutions and companies against abuses committed online.

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