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Telemarketing services

We secure the relationship between companies and their customers.

At Grupo EULEN we have developed the contact centre or telemarketing service, which offers a personalised and uninterrupted service for receiving and managing customer service requests through any channel. Our main objective is to offer our customers a premium level of satisfaction and quality. To achieve this, we have a team of professionals with the required training for each specialised position and with extensive experience, and we use the most advanced technology and innovation adapted to each channel and client.

The importance of obtaining a premium level of satisfaction and quality

At EULEN Group, we provide our experience in this area, managing premium services, using all the technologies that allow us to serve customers from any channel (telephone, email, click to call, messaging…) through our multi-platform cloud services and pay-per-use models.

Our Telemarketing team not only has the specific training required to provide this service, but also has extensive experience in the sector, a level of professionalism that allows us to adapt our actions entirely to the objectives, communication channels and type of client of your company.

contact center

We provide services focused on multi-channel services:

We provide the following services:

Emergency coordination centers helpline.
Citizen information helpline 010.
Telesales, up-selling, cross-selling.

Telephone customer service and help desk services.
Creation and updating of Data Bases.
Account receivables and debt collection management.

We promote an excellent relationship between your company and your customers

Personalised, uninterrupted and multichannel, this is our Contact Centre service for the reception and management of customer service requests through any channel.

Professionalism, high commitment and added value are the characteristics of a service in which we put our technology within your reach to achieve success in all your loyalty actions.

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