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Maritime port security service

Conscious of the importance of specialisation in this important sector

EULEN Seguridad is the first Spanish security company authorised by the Ministry of the Interior to provide maritime security and protection services. Our services are a benchmark in the market and a guarantee of safe passage for shipping around the world, protecting both assets and crew from attacks such as piracy.

Our extensive experience in this field, protecting both Spanish and foreign flagged vessels, means that we have developed a truly highly specialised line of services.

Specific services for Maritime port services

We provide the following services:

Design, planning and execution of security, safety and logistics operations in maritime environments.
Safety of ships, crew, passengers and cargoes.
Armed / unarmed security teams.

Maritime protection with escort vessels.
Support to the safety of ship operations from land and/or air in hazardous environments.
Supply of material, various equipment and solution of logistical problems in the area.

Security intelligence support and command and control design for maritime security operations. Security communications.
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