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Facility Management and consulting

Well-being, safety and cost savings

Creating optimal working conditions and saving costs. This is the mission of such a decisive figure in a company’s organisation as a facility manager, and this is the EULEN Group’s objective when it comes to managing your company’s real estate resources.

At EULEN Facility Management we are sure that, by your side, we can guarantee the perfect functioning of your facilities and business infrastructures, so that your employees do not have to worry about anything, only about fulfilling their professional obligations with the certainty that they are working in an ideal environment of well-being, safety and quality.

We optimise spaces and reduce your company’s daily expenses derived from the correct functioning and conservation of the facilities where it is located.

We adapt at all times to your strategy and objectives, bringing economic benefits in the form of cost savings that can even reach 30% of your profit and loss account.

Facility management specific services

We provide the following services:

Management of services rendered by Grupo EULEN or by outsourcing companies.
Management of spaces.
Sustainability and energy efficiency.

Property management.
Management and project management.

Technical consultancy.
Audits for quality of services.
Other related services
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