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Maintenance and installation of telecom systems

Tailored solutions: technological capacity and innovation without limits.

Implementation and specialised, preventive and corrective maintenance services for telecommunications installations and networks, including radio and transmission infrastructures and equipment, both in access networks and in CORE centres (CDCs, CPDs, Nodes…).

We want to walk with you towards an integral communication system in which there are no limits, therefore, we offer you the development of network implementation and maintenance services in which we apply the latest technology. We maximise the productivity of all your systems.

Our technological capacity and qualifications allow us to provide specialised preventive and corrective services in telecommunications installations and networks, both in access networks and in CORE centres, Coaxial Rescue Equipment (CDC, Cyber Defence Centre; Nodes, etc.), fixed and mobile networks.

Comprehensive telecommunications maintenance services:

We provide the following services:

Maintenance of telephone systems infrastructures.
Maintenance of GMS, DCS, UMTS technologies radio equipments.
Maintenance of transmission, microwaves and optical fiber equipments.
Maintenance of mobile stations.

Maintenance of fixed, ADSL telecommunication networks.
Maintenance of supply networks.
Installation of GSM, DCS and UMTS mobile operators telecommunications systems.

Installation and deployment of telecommunications mobile units.
Maintenance of pneumatic communications networks.
Installation of microwaves and optical fiber transmission equipments.
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