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Critical infrastructure protection

Comprehensive service comprising the design, implementation and execution of protection measures, surveillance and security systems for critical infrastructures and facilities.

There is no doubt that such a sensitive material as information requires special treatment and information, and communication technologies (ICT) that are used for processing, storage and transmission throughout its life cycle.

Specific services for critical infrastructure protection

We provide the following services:

Security consulting.
Information security management systems.
Risk analysis.

Personal data security and compliance of regulations.
Computer forensic analysis and investigation of incidents.
Audits: techniques, data protection and compliance of regulations

Managed security.
Analysis, design and implementation of technical solutions.
Systems and communications security.

Penetration assessments.
Data leak prevention.

What is a critical infrastructure?

According to the provisions of article 2.e) of Law 8/2011, of 28 April, which establishes measures for the protection of critical infrastructures, critical infrastructures are those strategic infrastructures whose disruption or destruction would have a serious impact on essential services, as their operation is essential and alternative solutions are not possible.

According to article 2.d) of the same Law 8/2011, of 28 April, strategic infrastructures are those on which the operation of essential services relies, and may consist of facilities, networks, systems and physical and information technology equipment.

In turn, according to article 2.a) of the aforementioned regulation, essential services are those that are necessary for basic social functions, health, security, social and economic well-being of citizens, or for the effective functioning of State Institutions and Public Administrations.

As established in article 2.k) of Law 8/2011, of 28 April, infrastructure protection refers to the set of activities aimed at ensuring the functionality, continuity and integrity of critical infrastructures, with the objective of preventing, mitigating and neutralising the damage caused by a deliberate attack against these infrastructures and guaranteeing the integration of these actions with the rest of those coming from other responsible parties according to the scope of their respective competences.

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