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Temporary employment

We are experts in finding the right professional profiles for each company. We unify document management through a client and collaborator portal that simplifies their relationship.

EULEN Flexiplán’s main pledge is to provide committed and highly motivated staff, thus transmitting complete confidence and the assurance that we will take care of the most important thing: the continuity of your future employees.
Through our structure, we can, in general, deal with all kinds of service demand, allowing us to continuously monitor our client’s requirements and the quality of our service:


Specific services of temporary employment agencies

We provide the following services:


Staff Hiring/Administration.
Workplace Risk Prevention.

What are eco-offices and how do they help in day-to-day life?

ECO-OFFICES, intelligent systems to make our lives easier.

These ECO-OFFICES allow us to maintain a close relationship with you and your team, and to collaborate without the need for paperwork. Thanks to In House solutions, based on reciprocity and knowledge sharing, we can build loyalty with the most suitable candidates and present continuous improvement plans in all the areas involved (Occupational Risk Prevention, training, consultancy, legal advice and temporary employment).

Through EULEN Flexiplán, we carry out recruitment, selection and hiring of professionals based on intelligent technological systems, the so-called ECO-OFFICES, solutions designed to guarantee the success of the process, add extra comfort to your company and guarantee a permanent and direct relationship between our team and your human resources department.

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