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Management of forsts, rivers and coasts

We bring our environment to life

EULEN develops environmental activities directed to protect and recover catchment basis and coasts that entail the assessment and correction of impacts in different environments or the adaptation and cleaning of banks and riversides, routes and green-corridors.

Under this line of services, we also carry out works related to natural and forestry areas, such as reforestation, silviculture treatments, firefighting and hydrological recoveries and corrections. Besides, we help to fight against erosion and desertification; we provide management and maintenance services in natural and national parks or recreational areas, as well as management services in interpretation centers and environmental education workshops.


Specific services for forest management, rivers and coasts

Felling and bushes clearing services.
Firefighting patrols and squads.
Forestry management in protected areas.
Reforestation in degraded ecosystems.

Forests regeneration.
Reforestation in conversion of unsustainable farmlands into grassland and forest programs.
River beds and banks clearing.
Treated water quality analysis.

Implementation of public use infrastructure: Paths and walkways, green routes, recreational areas, viewpoint and signaling.
Execution of civil engineering and bioengineering works.
Management of forestry plants growing in nurseries.

Environmental education.
Surveillance, control and protection of protected species.
Management of birth observatories and wildlife protected areas.
Environmental education.
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