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Training, education and leisure services

We support them in their education, so that they grow up learning.

We know that the education and care of your children is the most important thing for you. For this reason, at Grupo EULEN we have been working for more than 30 years on educational, care and recreational models based on the fundamental rights of children.

We want to offer families and institutions all those services that contemplate the comprehensive care of children and their global education, beyond the formal educational sphere, in parallel with families, whom we involve as the main educators.

Through our educational, training and leisure services aimed at early ages, we offer children the opportunity to develop in friendly and appropriate environments, where they feel loved, respected and where they can share experiences and fully develop all their physical, emotional, social and intellectual capacities.

We encourage learning, knowledge of the environment, the assumption of values and customs, creative and preventive education that compensates for any shortcomings or difficulties that children may encounter in their process of development and knowledge, promoting, together with their families, their own personality and intervening to solve any problems that may arise in these contexts.

Specific services for the management of nursery schools

We provide the following services:

Management of preschools.
Social and educational workshops.
Hospital classrooms.
Complementary activities and play centers.

Actividades complementarias y ludotecas.
Day care classrooms.
Learning support.
Programs for absenteeism and bullying.

Refuerzo escolar.
Special education needs support.
Family support.
Quality certifications: Excellence EFQM+400, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 e ISO 27001:2005

We take care of what matters most to you with optimal management of nursery schools

The aim of EULEN Sociosanitarios’ educational area is to offer comprehensive services adapted to the current and future needs of children and their families, from care through the management of nursery schools to the development of educational support activities, intervention in problems that may arise around educational activity or the reinforcement of skills and competencies, always attentive to the special and specific needs of each family and aware of the challenges involved in reconciling family and work life.

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