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Healthcare and public health space

Experts in managing your health and wellbeing

The EULEN Group has a long track record in the organisation and management of social and healthcare services, both in the home and in specialised centres, organisations and centres for people with disabilities or mental illness. We strive to guarantee the health and well-being of those who place their trust in our team through a service where quality and safety protocols are the most demanding.

We contribute to the public health system with medical care, nursing, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, podiatry and hospital sterilisation to complete the comprehensive care that every user deserves and needs.

We strive to improve the quality of life of chronic patients, one of the main objectives of the EULEN Group and the raison d’être of our healthcare services, through comprehensive monitoring systems in the home aimed at providing specialised and personalised professional care.

Specific social and health services

We provide the following services:

Comprehensive management of hospital sterilization centers.
Comprehensive care for chronic patients.
Home health care.
Emergency Services.

Preventative services.
Physiotherapy/rehabilitation services.
Podology Services.
Management of public health centers and services for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

Management of public health centers and services for people with mental illnesses.
Management of thematic and/or specialized public health centers.

Home care for people with mental illnesses.
Hospital at home.

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EULEN Sociosanitarios, a company belonging to the EULEN Group, has more than 30 years of experience in the management of social, health and educational services. It is committed to continuous innovation, constant improvement and adaptation to change, backed by a team of highly qualified professionals in continuous training. And if you want to work with us, don’t hesitate to send us your CV. Come in and discover all that EULEN Sociosanitarios can do for you.

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