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Technical facilities and mobility

Grupo EULEN offers specialised engineering, works and installation services: analysis, design, study and execution of works and installation projects, using all the necessary technical and material resources.

We study your project individually, focusing on the profitability of the service and the optimisation of resources in all phases of design and construction, thus guaranteeing cost reduction. We want our work to add significant value to your infrastructure.

Thanks to our specialised engineering services for installations and works, we undertake the analysis, design, study and execution of any project, and we do so in a comprehensive manner, making our human resources, technical means and necessary materials available to you.

Our professionalism and experience, together with the highest official certifications, guarantee the quality of our engineering services.

Comprehensive engineering services:

We provide the following services:

Refurbishment, remodeling and reconditioning of installations.
Project, and implementation of new technical installations
Installation of charge points for sustainable mobility.

Service to study, design and implement interior spaces
Design of projects and installation of heating and air conditioning in buildings
Design and implementation of LV electrical installations
Implementation of public lighting installation projects. Study and implementation of interior/exterior lighting projects for buildings (offices, shopping centers, sports centers...) and industrial units

Design and installation of fire protection systems, water networks for fire hoses and hydrants, fire detectors and extinguishers
Design and implementation of gas, plumbing and sanitation installations
Projects and installation of charge points for sustainable mobility

Comprehensive management of electric vehicle recharging points

The EULEN Group, through its facility maintenance and engineering activity, is developing a new service designed to specialise in the comprehensive management of electric vehicle charging points, offering its customers a wide range of services:

Comprehensive management of charging; supply, electrical installation and assembly; maintenance of the charging point, its management and monitoring; technological and regulatory adaptation; innovation and improvement of energy efficiency; onsite charging operation and technical assistance service via 24h telephone hotline; advertising financing, etc.

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