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Comprehensive maintenance of conventional, industrial and healthcare facilities

Ensure the well-being of your team and the quality of your facilities.

Comprehensive maintenance service (preventive, technical-legal, corrective, predictive), as an essential part of the life cycle of urban infrastructure and buildings, assets and facilities; specific, customized solutions in accordance with activity and scope.

Redefinition of scheduled maintenance, based on legal-technical maintenance and on processing predictive data extracted from BMS and CMMS systems (alarms, operating hours, etc.) using data analytics.

Ensure the well-being of your team and the quality of your facilities

Our commitment to the comprehensive maintenance of your facilities is based on the fulfilment of two objectives: guaranteeing the well-being of your work team and preserving the suitability of the infrastructures to maintain your competitive capacity and development.

We have all the human, technical and material resources to do so, not in vain are we a leading company in the design and provision of maintenance solutions adapted to the needs of each client and sector, regardless of their activity and scope.

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Comprehensive building maintenance services:

We provide the following services:

Preventive Maintenance (Technical-Legal/recommended).
Corrective maintenance
Continuous maintenance, supervision and control, operations, adjustments, corrections and detection of anomalies.
Predictive and condition-based maintenance through monitoring techniques, analysis, BMS alarms, CMMS data, etc.

Management of technical-legal inspections
Monitoring and traceability of maintenance through commercial CMMS systems, with the option of reporting information on a mobile basis and in real time
Call Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, manned by our own staff with technical knowledge and extensive back office experience
Monitoring of conditions and requirements for management certificates (ISO 50001, ISO 14000, ISO 9000, ISO 13485, UNE 216701, LEAN, EVO…).

Continuous improvement based on defining KPIs and measuring SLAs established in each service.
Preventive and predictive maintenance of large buildings, shopping and leisure centers, office blocks, hotels, passenger terminals, and education and sports centers.
Maintenance of buildings and dispersed centers such as: bank branches, insurance companies, commercial and retail networks.

Industrial Maintenance

EULEN Group provides everything you need to maintain and implement industrial facilities, ensuring optimization of resources in both back-up auxiliary facilities and production lines.

We have a series of agreements with Technical Services, Manufacturers and Mechanical Workshops, one of the most qualified workforces in the sector, a round-the-clock service, and an extensive network of offices throughout the country, along with a management model based on continuous improvement and LEAN methodology.

Servicio mantenimiento industrial

Comprehensive building maintenance services:

We provide the following services:

Maintenance of conveyor belts
IT maintenance of PLC, automated systems
Maintenance of pneumatic systems

Predictive maintenance with thermography techniques and vibration analysis
Regulatory, technical and legal consultancy
Maintenance of mechanical, electrical and general rotating equipment

Maintenance of industrial air-conditioning and refrigeration systems
Maintenance of wastewater treatment plants
Maintenance of firefighting equipment
Maintenance of heat generators

Maintenance in the healthcare sector

Specialised maintenance service, focused on large hospitals and public and private health centers (both specialised and primary care), covering all technical facilities and electromedical equipment.

Its priority goals are patient and user safety as a guarantee of quality care, ensuring the highest availability of electromedical equipment and facilities.

We strive to improve productivity and keep costs and waiting times down by applying a suitable management model (based on LEAN methodology), as well as promoting and disseminating best practice.

Our approach is based on continuous improvement of people’s ability to identify and eliminate equipment efficiency losses, while rigorously applying the maintenance standards set out in national legislation and in the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Servicios de mantenimiento de equipos médicos

Comprehensive building maintenance services:

We provide the following services:

Scheduled maintenance:

Technical-Legal maintenance
Preventive and predictive
Life cycle analysis

Advice and consultancy:

Analysis and Project Management in the healthcare environment
Quality Management System for Medical Products Certification according to ISO 13485:2016
Implementation of new Organizational Methodologies
CE Marking of Medical Products according to European directives

Building work in the healthcare environment:

Full refits
Implementation of cutting-edge equipment
Clean rooms
Renewable energies

Digitalized management:

Asset inventories
CMMS: Mansis, Prima, GIM, etc
Procurement and warehousing
Quality control for medical devices

Technical Support Service.
Replacement equipment
Collaboration agreements with leading manufacturers
Specific training for the healthcare sector: special facilities, clean rooms, X-ray operator, etc

Our control processes, your quality guarantee in comprehensive building maintenance

Rely on our comprehensive maintenance service for urban and building infrastructures, assets and facilities, and put at your disposal a professional team capable of providing you not only with specific and customised solutions, but also with an exhaustive process of control, traceability and quality to ensure compliance with current regulations.

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