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Public administration

Committed and efficient management of public resources.

At Grupo EULEN we offer a range of services focused on the public sector. We support the committed and efficient management of public resources by assisting the various local and regional government bodies and organisations. We are specialists in sustainability, taking maximum care of the possibilities of our natural environment, optimising resources. We also offer services focused on assistance and care for the most vulnerable, offering quality services, giving priority to respect.

Local government agencies

Our offer is made up of a wide selection of specialised Smart Cities services for councils, town councils, regional councils and administration in general. We support the management of educational and leisure infrastructures, urban and natural spaces, transport and people.

The EULEN Group collaborates with Smart Cities in all those services that require the intervention of people. The “Smart City” concept is a reality that is increasingly present in our daily lives. For some years now, cities have been undergoing a process of transformation, which is why the administrations of large, medium-sized and small cities are working hard to improve the environments in which their citizens live.

Find out how we are working on the present and future of Smart Cities!

Natural Environment

  • Landscape. Management of protected natural areas. Recovery of the natural environment. Forestry exploitation. Execution of works. Environmental monitors.
  • Marine environment. Cleaning, maintenance and conservation of beaches and their infrastructures.
  • Water. Protection and regulation of basins. Resource management plans. Hydrological restoration, cleaning of riverbeds and riverbanks.
  • Atmosphere. Air quality control. Maintenance of meteorological stations. Noise pollution control. Study of corrective measures on roads. Bird control in sports facilities.
  • Soil. Soil characterisation. Decontamination plans. Landfill sealing plan. Soil fertilisation. Pollution control techniques.
  • Landscape. Management of protected natural areas. Recovery of the natural environment. Forestry exploitation. Execution of works. Environmental monitors.
  • Marine environment. Cleaning, maintenance and conservation of beaches and their infrastructures.
  • Water. Protection and regulation of basins. Resource management plans. Hydrological restoration, cleaning of riverbeds and riverbanks.

Urban Environment

  • Landscape. Management of protected natural areas. Recovery of the natural environment. Forestry exploitation. Execution of works. Environmental monitors.
  • Marine environment. Cleaning, maintenance and conservation of beaches and their infrastructures.
  • Water. Protection and regulation of basins. Resource management plans. Hydrological restoration, cleaning of riverbeds and riverbanks.

Rural Environment

  • Rural environment. Drawing of rural soil use plans. Livestock trails cataloging. Livestock electronic identification. Vaccination campaigns. Collection and cremation of dead animals. Slurry treatment. Courses. Hostels management.

Infrastructures of culture / leisure and sport

  • Culture. Monitoring service, customer service and maintenance of museums and cultural centers. Guided visits. Transportation and packing for exhibitions. Exhibition halls commercial exploitation. Theaters management. Cataloging and valuation of historical heritage.
  • Sports facilities. Sports centers and public swimming pools. Sports courses and activities, readaptation of grass fields.
  • Exhibition sites/fairs. Exhibition sites comprehensive management. Technical assistance. Facilities support management. Maintenance comprehensive services, fresh food markets and slaughterhouses cleaning and safety. Exploitation of marine water parks.

Education infrastructure

  • Schools activities. Comprehensive management of nursery schools and kindergartens. High school accompaniment monitors. Extracurricular activities teachers. Excursions organization. Social and educational workshops. Conferences. Management of sports centers and music schools.
  • Ancillary services. Transportation services. Dining hall, laundry, nursing and psychology services. Playground assistants. Reprography and library management. Maintenance of sports fields, playgrounds and school gardens.
  • Vacation activities. Urban camps, camping, languages studies abroad, summer courses and courses for foreigners.
  • Social and educational programs. Prevention of violence. Control of absenteeism. Bullying. Eating disorders. Family support. Workshops and activities for environmental awareness.

Municipal buildings

  • Cleaning. Cleaning and treatment of floors. Window cleaning. Supply of cleaning products. Cleaning and restoration of facades. Waste management. Rodent control, disinfection and fumigation.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance of heating and cooling systems, electrical installations, elevators and telecommunications. Preventive, corrective and routine maintenance. Implementation of management and remote management systems. Energy audits and energy efficiency studies.
  • Security. Control of access. Surveillance services. Installation and maintenance of security systems. Information security. Fire fighting protection. Emergency and evacuation plan. Advising and consultancy services.
  • Auxiliary support services. Customer care service and information. Concierge. Logistics and courier services. Management of municipal archive, documents digitalization. Data protection directive management, land registry and halls.
  • Facility Management. Management of spaces Quality audits. Operational management of properties. Property management. Management and Project Management Sustainability and energy efficiency Strategic Consulting in FM Technical Consultancy.


  • Infancy. Management of municipal nursery schools, kindergarten and social and educational centers. Monitors service for the Education and Childhood Department. Development of programs for the revitalization of childhood. Family care. Toy library. Babysitter.
  • Youth. Assistance and advice in the development of socio-cultural and welfare projects for adolescents. Socio-educational intervention service with young people and families. Prevention programs. Management of Youth Centers.
  • The elderly. Homecare. Home telecare, installation and maintenance. Day care centers management, adapted transportation and dining hall services. Nursing homes. Special care for dependent people. Social and educational activities in nursing homes.
  • Other groups. Defense of users and customers’ rights. Citizen information helpline. Management for the collection of rates and taxes. Refuges for gender violence victims and abused children programs. Social and labor integration. Services for groups at risk of exclusion.
  • Health. Primary health care. Social emergencies. Nursing, physical therapy, podiatry, ambulance and adapted transportation services.

Urban Transport

  • Bus stations and vehicles. Bus stations and parking management. Municipal towing services. Parking meters. Vehicles collection and deposits. Abandoned vehicles management and scrapping. Collection and transportation of animals.
  • Bicycles. Installation, management and maintenance of an automated bike rental system.

Municipal HR management

  • Training. Training resources for new responsibilities. Career planning and professional improvement. Tutoring and mentoring.
  • Employability. Employment information service. Study of geographic mobility.

Social services for the public sector

Since its inception, Grupo EULEN has been committed to assisting and caring for the most vulnerable, offering quality services in which respect is a priority.

The elderly, minors, women victims of gender violence, immigrants, groups at risk of social exclusion… Grupo EULEN has developed a portfolio of social services that reflects its ethical commitment to the development and well-being of people.

Household services

  • Home help services (all profiles). Personal care. Home support. Carrying out shopping, pharmacy … Psychosocial care and accompaniments. Adapting the environment. Meals, laundry, chiropody and hairdressing at home.
  • Telecare (all profiles). Installation and maintenance of equipment Alarm care. Social and health prevention programs. Coordination with emergencies. User monitoring Management of programmed messages. Primary care at home. Location service.

Community services

  • Socio-professional reintegration. Pre-employment workshops. Acquisition of social skills. Specific training workshops. Design of work itinerary. Agreements and employment prospecting.
  • Care for risk groups. Care for vagrants and the homeless. Care services to women who are victims of gender violence. Detection and dealing with duplicates and their unification and integration into a single clinical history. Care for children at risk, minorities and immigrants.

Healthcare centres

  • 24 hour care. Residences for the Elderly Supervised or monitored housing. Serviced apartments. CEEM (mental health). CRMF (physical disability). CAMP (intellectual disability). Care centers for immigrants, risk groups and minors.
  • Day care. Day centers. CRIS or CRPS (psychosocial integration centers for the mentally ill). Occupational centers (intellectual disability). Special employment centers. Homes, community centers and clubs. Care centers and information to groups.

Educational and training services

  • Educational. Infant Schools. Play centers Preventive programs. Street education. Coexistence and integration programs. Learning support. Support monitors for children with disabilities.
  • Training. Training for adoptive parents. Training of groups for integration into the job market. Certificates for social service professionals. Training for family and professionals in social, health and educational services.

Services for official bodies of the central government

We focus on the optimal management of resources within official government agencies. Improvement is one of our constants; that’s why our services are evolving. You will soon be able to find here updated information on the services we provide in this sector.

Services to public environmental companies.

The EULEN Group’s commitment to the environment extends to specialised services for the public sector and ranges from work in forestry and marine environments to activities in populated areas and industrial environments.

Since 1981 we have been working for the preservation of natural, forestry and marine spaces, as well as in populated areas and industrial environments, providing comprehensive solutions to environmental problems.

Natural environment

  • Landscape. Management and operation of natural spaces. Civil engineering and biological engineering.
  • Marine environment. Cleaning and preservation of beaches and dunes. Management of protected marine areas and oil spills.
  • Soil. Decontamination analyses and plans. Landfill sealing and pollution control. Fertilization.
  • Water. Analysis. Protection, cleaning and recovering of river banks and catchment basins. Natural resources management. Desalination projects including brackish waters desalination.
  • Atmospher. Air quality and noise pollution control. Corrective measures. Maintenance of weather stations.

Human settlements

  • Rural. Soil use maps, risk areas and livestock trails. Public infrastructures construction and agricultural irrigation systems. Livestock electronic identification and vaccination campaigns. Environmental education. Fire-prevention.
  • Urban. Gardening, preservation and construction works in green areas. Recycling point management. Pest Control. Drainage network cleaning and analysis. Fraud detection. Air quality and noise pollution monitoring. Fire protection programs.

Industrial and business environment

  • Infrastructure. Environmental health and pollution prevention. Environmental, training and good practices audits. Emergencies.
  • Energy efficiency. Subsidies audits and management. Advice on energy certification and alternative energy. Bioclimatic architecture.
  • Business sustainability. Studies on environmental impact and evacuation plans, restoration and surveillance. Risk analysis and compliance with legislation. Advice on tenders and certifications, and sustainability reports. Renewable energy projects.
  • Waste. Collection and transportation of waste. Minimization and management of hazardous, inert, medical, agricultural, urban, pneumatic, drainage wastes and so on. Operation and surveillance of landfills.
  • Black waters. Processing of authorizations. Analyses. Wastewater drains cleaning. WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) maintenance and operation. Resources saving. Sanitation systems design. Facility surveillance.
  • Energy efficiency. Emission permits processing. Levels. Chimney height calculations. Polluting agents and radiation emissions monitoring.
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