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Cybersecurity company

We cover all areas of security from start to finish.

As a security company, we offer you all the services you need to ensure the security of your company. An integrated, global and versatile service that aims to respond to your current and future security needs.

Our consultancy service is EULEN Security’s commitment to cover all your needs when designing and implementing plans, processes and activities that guarantee the continuity of your operations with total peace of mind and efficiency.

We work in accordance with the demands of the market and your own activity in a global context that emphasises surveillance, access control, infrastructure protection and cybersecurity, and places people at the centre of any strategy.

Specific private security consultancy services

We provide the following services:

Business continuity plans.
Security master plans.
Crisis management plans.

Corporate security management systems.
Supply chain security management systems (ISO-28000).
Security maturity model.

Technical reports on security measures.
Emergency and evacuation plan.

We grow with you to cover your protection needs through private security

Thanks to our technical capacity, analysis and flexibility, our effective responses and more than 40 years of experience in the sector, we can advise you and effectively plan the integration of all your control, emergency and surveillance systems into an optimised solution that will allow you not only to save costs and time, but also to grow with total security.

Ensure the protection of people, facilities, machinery, processes and assets, both tangible and intangible, with EULEN Security.

consultoría seguridad privada

Functions of a security company

According to article 5.1 of Law 5/2014, of 4 April, on Private Security:

The following activities constitute private security activities:

Surveillance and protection of goods, establishments, places and events, both public and private, as well as of the people who may be in them.
The accompaniment, defence and protection of specific natural persons, including those with the legal status of authority.
The deposit, safekeeping, counting and classification of coins and banknotes, securities, jewellery, precious metals, antiques, works of art or other objects which, because of their economic, historical or cultural value and the expectations they generate, may require special surveillance and protection.

The deposit and custody of explosives, weapons, metal cartridges, substances, materials, goods and any other objects which, due to their dangerousness, require special surveillance and protection.
The transport and distribution of the objects referred to in the two preceding paragraphs.
Installation and maintenance of security apparatus, equipment, devices and systems connected to alarm reception centres or to control or video-surveillance centres.

The operation of centres for the connection, reception, verification and, where appropriate, response and transmission of alarm signals, as well as the monitoring of any signals from auxiliary devices for the security of persons, movable or immovable property or compliance with imposed measures, and the communication to the competent security forces and corps in these cases.
Private investigation in relation to persons, facts or offences that can only be prosecuted at the request of a party.

Paragraph 2 of the same article states:

"The services on the activities listed in paragraphs a) to g) of the previous section may only be provided by private security companies, without prejudice to the competences of the Security Forces and Corps. Detective firms may provide, exclusively and exclusively, services on the activity referred to in paragraph h) of the previous paragraph".

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