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Management of education centers

From the very first hour they are in the best hands.

We manage and develop services and activities complementary to education in both public and private institutions. Our job is to coordinate and integrate all these services within the centre’s project, without forgetting that the pupil is the basis of the whole structure. The well-being of the child comes first; that is why our monitors apply the methodologies developed by our pedagogues and psychologists, develop recreational activities and serve as a link for a fluid relationship between the child, their parents, the teaching staff and the administration.

EULEN Educa has a team of professionals in all Spanish provinces and more than 10 years of experience in the sector, which allows us to respond to problems quickly and in a personalised manner.

Specific school services

We provide the following services:

Extended school hours services.
School transportation under adult supervision.
Dining hall supervision.

Remedial education services.
Extracurricular activities.
Management and administration of educational centres.

Our goal: to achieve excellence in school services

We coordinate and integrate all the activities and services offered in accordance with the values of the institution and its requirements regarding the level of quality, safety and involvement with the pupils and the educational team.

Our objective: that all the students enjoy their time at the centre and that families have the peace of mind that their children are in good hands.

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