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About Us

We grow with you.

We grow with you

Grupo EULEN, a family company with 100% Spanish capital, is a benchmark at a global level and a national leader in providing comprehensive services to companies, institutions and governments.

Thanks to our strong work ethic, we have risen to the top of our industry and are moving towards the future with clear international vocation.

Pioneers in the concept of outsourcing, Grupo EULEN remains at the forefront thanks to the quality of its comprehensive solutions and auxiliary services based on an increasing effort in R&D+i, the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, diversification and flexibility of its business models and the commitment of its employees and that of top management, as shown by their professionalism, rigor, respect and efficiency.

Our local essence

Grupo EULEN Dominican Republic began operating in the country in 2000, and currently has offices in Santo Domingo, from where we provide services to the main provinces of the Central and Southern regions, Santiago de los Caballeros, from where we cover the Northern region of the country, and Bávaro, from where we cover the Eastern region.

Grupo EULEN Dominican Republic currently has a workforce of 1,800 workers throughout the country, with a projection of sustained growth, which allows us to be the strategic partner of our clients and a source of decent employment for all our employees.

at the centre of things

A strong service vocation rooted in our ADN

We believe in our mission as a guarantor of the well-being of all citizens, which we serve from different sectors and fields, and as a response to the needs of all those entities that, in a quest for constant improvement and development, seek a trusted ally to achieve their expectations and strategic objectives.

The EULEN Group is a member of the United Nations Global Compact for business sustainability and the achievement of the objectives of the UN (United Nations) in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. It is also firmly committed to society through the development of responsible social policies, cultural patronage and the protection of the natural environment.