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Management of preventive maintenance contracts

We are specialists in this type of management, allowing you to dedicate 100% of your time to the development and operation of your business.

The key to efficient administration is to concentrate on the core business and outsource the administration of those services that, although necessary, are not part of the core business.

Among them, companies require multiple suppliers for recurring tasks, whose prices and scope are previously agreed, but the day-to-day administration of these contracts is routine and can be delegated to a third party.

At EULEN, we take on the administration of recurring preventive maintenance contracts such as CCTV, air conditioning, electromechanical lighting systems, access control, fire, etc. and incorporate them into the administration of our services for the client, keeping the service schedules and quality and traceability records of the contracted activities. In this way, the client can dedicate itself to its value-producing activities, without losing its focus and maintaining a smaller administrative structure.

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